State Of Tennessee

Visit Some Of These Top Restaurants In The State Of Tennessee

January 21, 2017

There are quite a few reasons to get excited about Tennessee, and right now you’re about to find out the best restaurants across the entire state. Have you ever wondered how many restaurants certain cities have? Online travel sites make looking up those numbers quite easy. How many restaurants would you think are in Nashville? The answer is roughly 2,008. Now let’s get to looking at not only the top restaurants in Nashville but the entire state. How many will we get to out of the thousands upon thousands of restaurants in TN?

Let’s go ahead and start with Nashville, but I’m only dropping two names before moving to the next city. That’s the top two restaurants out of 2,008! The first one is Joey’s House of Pizza, and the second is a restaurant that also offers catering. It is Nobel’s Dining and Catering. Now let’s move on to the next city, Memphis, known for its barbecue and home to over 1,400 restaurants. Will a BBQ restaurant be in the top two mentions for Memphis?

The answer is no, which isn’t surprising given all the competition. There is a BBQ restaurant at #5 though, so that’s not bad at all. What stood out to me is that the #2 restaurant has a 2nd location, and the second location comes in at #3. The name of the restaurant is Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. The #1 restaurant, however, is called Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar. Now let’s move on to the next city, which is going to be Knoxville.

In Knoxville, the top restaurant is Nick and J’s Cafe. The #2 restaurant is Connor’s Steak and Seafood. That is brief, but we are moving onto Murfreesboro, a city in which I used to live for several years. In Murfreesboro, the top restaurant is Opah Greek Grill. The #2 restaurant is one I ate at years ago, and it was top dog then, too. It is called Demos’ Restaurant.

Are you ready for one more city? I’m taking you to the wonderful city of Clarksville, where you are privy to the following top two restaurants out of a little over 400 of them. At #1 is Smoking Chicken and #2 is Blackhorse Pub & Brewery. Out of the thousands and thousands of restaurants in the state of Tennessee, these top eight restaurants are sure to be enjoyed.

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